Advice from Isaac Garcia, 23, who’s working at St. James in Menomonee Falls, away from his fiancée, Dezzie (last name withheld), who is currently in Washington, D.C.; and Jennifer Laffin, 23, who spent about 13 months out of state, away from her boyfriend and now fiancé, Nabeel Ahmed, 27.

1. Look at the distance as an opportunity for growth, not as a roadblock in your relationship. Be open to it. Let God surprise you. -Garcia

2. If at all possible, talk in the morning, afternoon and when you are laying in bed, about to go to sleep. Nabeel and I texted each other every morning, would talk after work and say goodnight before we went to sleep. It is so wonderful to hear, “Good morning,” and “Goodnight,” from the person you love, even if they are not physically there with you. -Laffin

3. Make your significant other a priority in your life. Can your friends and co-workers tell you’re in a relationship based on how you act or what you talk about? -Garcia

4. What is meant to be will be. If you are supposed to be together, God will make it work out. -Laffin

5. Another important thing is prayer and faith sharing. For Dezzie and I, sharing our faith and prayer together has allowed us to continue to grow together despite our time apart. -Garcia

Potential roadblocks: Being overly attached to your significant other. Always being on the phone, texting or e-mailing is not realistic. Don’t have the expectation that the phone will always be answered as your significant other might be in the middle of something important. Another roadblock can be making time to visit. -Garcia

Compiled by Tracy Rusch