Many people have been asking Matt and I the same question since we got married, mainly how marriage life is like for us. When I’m in a joking mood, I usually respond with “blissful” or “amazing.” When I’m in a more serious mood? Usually the word I use is “confusing.”

We have reached that part in our marriage where we are in between bliss and boredom, when romantic gestures become coupled with routine patterns. We’re trying to keep the romance alive, but sometimes that’s hard to do when you’ve just worked a 12-hour day, the sink is full of dishes and all you want to do is read a book in bed.

So before we succumb to that every-lasting pull of all romantic gestures – the “let’s watch a movie while we eat dinner” night, we’ve been trying to come up with ways to keep our emotions open and our connection tight. How do we do this? Date night!

I must admit, the first time we had a date night, it didn’t go so hot. We walked to a nice bar about six blocks from our house, and each enjoyed only one glass of beer before leaving about 40 minutes later. As the bartender called out goodbye and Matt opened the door for me, I turned around and waved goodnight to our hostess. Who would have thought that I wouldn’t remember that single step down to the street, and end up falling on my knees on pure concrete? For a second, I thought I might be able to get up before Matt noticed, but as I looked over my shoulder and up, I caught sight of a very aghast looking Matt. Nope, there was no hiding that faux pas from my new husband. I vowed that night to 1) never wave goodbye again, and 2) to find a new place for us to hang out.

In this current economy, it’s hard to not only find the money to do fun “date night” things, but also the strength to actively seek them out. Deep down, of course, I know that we need this quiet time in our lives, to share our thoughts together, are wishes and hopes. It’s just that the process of doing that can be so dang hard sometimes!

Do any of you have ideas on what to do on date night, either “tried and true” or something you just thought would be fun? Leave me a comment below!


Music playing while writing this: “Mine” by Taylor Swift