Good evening blog readers!

Right now I’m at my home in West Allis, safely inside from the windy and dangerous snow conditions that seem to have nearly everyone running scared (I can only hope that my work is closed tomorrow!). With a cup of coffee in one hand, and some fantastic music playing in the background, I can get down to business and let you know what’s been happening in my life so far. 

Matt and I went to see the priest, and have been given “homework” by Fr. Jim: planning the ceremony. Amongst the natural family planning material (that will be fun!), copies of rules and regulations to pass out to the florist and photographer, and the complete set of dates for next year’s “Engaged Enrichment Program,” we were given the book “Together for Life,” a special edition for marriage outside of Mass.

In it are sets of readings, responsoral psalms, vows and other such things to help us plan a ceremony as unique as we are. While we are still trying to figure out which readings to say, we have actually come up with at least one agreement: there is no way we are going to write and memorize our own vows (are you kidding? I got nervous asking a question during class! How am I going to memorize some of the most important promises of my life?!). No thank you! A simple “I do” is good enough for the two of us!  

All in all, while we both have a lot of work to get done when it comes to planning the ceremony, I know it will all be worth it. Not just on the day we marry, but more importantly for the impending years ahead. I’m so excited! -Amy

Music playing while writing this: “Calling Dr. Funk” by The Definitive Vince Guaraldi album