Sure, Lent is late this year, but welcome just the same. Given all that has been happening — or not happening — in Madison, a desert experience should be healthy for all of us. Well, that or another blizzard.

There’s been much talk about the church’s role in the standoff. The church’s role should be even more important once this is “over.” It is going to be a time for reconciliation and healing. Yeah, I know. It’s hard to imagine reconciliation and healing while people are yelling at each other, pointing fingers, etc. But who better to lead the effort for reconciliation and healing, especially during the Season of Mercy, than the Catholic Church? Who better to lead that during Lent than the Catholic Church? This will be an excellent opportunity for the church to showcase what it does well.

A model of evangelization: On the Feast of St. Casimir, Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki preached one of the best homilies I’ve heard on Mk 11:11-26. He opened by singing the opening lines of “Plastic Jesus”: 

“I don’t care if it rains or freezes
‘Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Riding on the dashboard of my car.” 

See? He gets it when Pope Benedict XVI says we need to use all media in our evangelization efforts.

Since there is no recording of the archbishop’s version, you’ll have to settle for this one:
Holy day: Saturday, March 12 is the aforementioned archbishop’s birthday.

Make it a great Lent; remember to be an ambassador for Christ.