No shortage of brats and blueberries during Sunday’s Super Bowl meal, but it was an ample helping of Brees that made for a great celebration. I’ll leave it to the so-called analysts to second guess the coaches and to provide a litany of what various players should have done. It’s just fun when the team for which one is cheering wins.

Speaking of the MVP QB — and pardon my Boilermaker bias, but pro sports definitely needs the classiness and humility of Drew Brees. His “aw shucks” approach appears genuine, and his name isn’t in any police report. Is this the making of a true sports hero? We can only hope.

Lack of $tewardship: Stewardship obviously isn’t a corporate concept. Why else would so many companies have invested $2.5 million for each of their Super Bowl commercials, and then provide uninspiring material? Like most of the ads that aired during the game, the mother and son Tebow ad left me with a “What’s the big deal?” reaction. Worst example of lack of stewardship was the $2.5 million of our tax money that paid for the U.S. census spot.

So, are you ready for baseball season? OK, Lent first, then baseball season.