The announcement earlier this week that 38 of the country’s 400 billionaires have joined Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in giving half of their wealth to charity has me wondering: Why only half? I’m not knocking what they have done, but there is something to be said for sacrificial giving. When you have the kind of money these people have — $90 billion between Gates and Buffett, it just seems like they could cut loose with a few more billions.                                   

Your sacrificial gift is always welcome at your Catholic Herald, P.O. Box 070913, Milwaukee, WI 53207-0913. Don’t have a billion dollars? We don’t either, that’s why we welcome whatever you are willing to share.

Radio roots revisited: Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki returns to the airwaves on a biweekly basis beginning Friday, Sept. 10, when his yet-to-be-named radio show debuts at 9:30 a.m. on Relevant Radio, 100.1 FM. The alternate weeks’ shows will be hosted by Fr. Don Hying, rector of Saint Francis Seminary. As a priest in the late ’70s, then-Fr. Listecki and Fr. Mike Furlan co-hosted “Catholic Conversations” Sunday nights at 10 on WIND radio in Chicago.
Speaking of Relevant Radio, the Green Bay-based network will celebrate its 10th anniversary Aug. 31 with a Mass and other events in Titletown.

Stuff is the stuff of homilies: Stuff must have been a popular topic last week. Two days after posting my thoughts on stuff, I heard Fr. Dominic Roscioli preach an excellent homily on Luke 12:13-21. They — Fr. Dominic and St. Luke — offer a lot of insight about stuff.

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Talk to you on the 13th, which is Blame Someone Else Day. If people forget to send you cards to mark that occasion, they can blame their forgetfulness on someone else.