I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a push over. This can easily be seen when I’m out and about on a Saturday night with friends (not too often, mind you) ordering at a restaurant, or just deciding with my fiancé which movie to see (Hmm, “The Blind Side” or “Zombieland”…what do you think I want to see?).

Now that I have a wedding to plan, I know that I have to start thinking for myself and not let anyone talk me into doing something that I’m just not feeling. This includes, of course, finding that ever allusive bridesmaid dress. 

I have six girls standing up in my wedding: Maid of Honor Mary; Bridesmaid Faith; Bridesmaid Mara; Bridesmaids and Sisters Marya, Rosie and Anne.

All different styles, sizes, personalities, and well…all different everything. And I have to choose ONE DRESS for them? Not going to happen.

Here are a few samples that I’m thinking about. They are by:

Bill Levkoff

After Six

I’m really liking this last one by After Six, because I would also like to put a broach on the front for the girls to wear (Their “bling”). Of course, all dresses will be in black to flatter all figures.

Time will tell what will happen. I will keep you up to date on what we decide!

Amy’s mantra for the next 10 months: (“I will not be a push over!” “I know what I want!” “No you can’t wear those shoes with that dress!”).


Music playing while writing this: Vince Giuaraldi