Even though, by its words and actions, the United States becomes less and less willing to recognize the existence of God and his law, those of us who are believers are grateful that he remains loving and merciful, and willing to grant us salvation. And we pray that others will come to that realization — soon.

‘Catholic vote’: Voters identifying themselves as Catholic favored President Obama over Gov. Romney, 50-48.

The future due to the ‘Catholic vote’: Check back regularly during the next four years.

Red-hat trifecta: The announcement Oct. 24 by Pope Benedict XVI that Archbishop James M. Harvey will become Cardinal James M. Harvey on Nov. 24 brings the number of native Milwaukeeans to be elevated to the College of Cardinals to three. The first — and last — two were Cardinal Aloysius J. Muench and Cardinal Albert G. Meyer. Both were rectors of Saint Francis Major Seminary; both received the red hat in the Dec. 14, 1959 consistory. The latter served as archbishop of Milwaukee from 1953 to 1958.

Dorothy’s day: At their meeting next week, the U.S. bishops will have a “canonical consultation” regarding the canonization of Dorothy Day. It will result in a vote as to whether the canonization process should move forward. I can’t imagine why they would not find her worthy for sainthood, but I expect there might be a few “no” votes.

Speaking of Dorothy Day, Nov. 11-17 is National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. 

Thank you: Veterans, we can’t thank you enough.