No love from the Gray Lady: Those who recall that Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan was so popular with the Milwaukee news media that he could be in print and on the air at will might be surprised to know that The New York Times doesn’t embrace him the same way. Then again, maybe you’re not surprised since it is The New York Times.
The Gray Lady recently rejected an op-ed piece from the archbishop in which he took the publication to task for anti-Catholicism in its reporting and in a column by Maureen Dowd. You can read the archbishop’s piece on his blog, “The Gospel in the Digital Age”:—the-gospel-in-the-digital-age/index.cfm?i=14042.
This one is a long way from over. Archbishop Dolan will be in New York another 15-plus years, which might be longer than the life expectancy of the Times. He could very well have the last word. 
Almost tasting victory: Speaking of Archbishop Dolan, he is only a game away from enjoying a dozen Tastykakes, courtesy of Philadelphia Cardinal Justin F. Rigali, as the two have a wager on the World Series. If the Phillies were to rally and take the next three games from the Yankees, Archbishop Dolan would be sending a dozen bagels to his mentor and former boss. As it is, the cardinal should be making plans to send his protege a box of goodies.