Now that it’s a little over two months until the end of my single days, that also means another big era will soon be concluding: the journey of “Catholic Bride.”

Does this mean that I will be hanging up my hat (if I had one), closing up my laptop (if the one I used to have wasn’t stolen) and disappearing from your lives? Absolutely not!

Whether you commented on my writing over the past year, or merely dropped in from time to time to check out what shenanigans I got myself into next, your presence has been dutifully felt. Thank you all for your prayers, inner encouragement and overall help as I began a journey that scared me as much as it filled me with joy.

So, let’s think together about what my blog could possibly be about now. I have some ideas that I’m hoping you all may be able to help me decide on. If none of them appeal to you, feel free to drop me a comment below and suggest whatever your heart desires!

The oblivious chef: While I do work in a catering business, I’m mostly known as a “Sous Chef,” meaning that I prepare the food rather than actually cook it. This blog would be about my journey on learning the basics of cooking, and –

No, screw it. I hate cooking. I’m not doing this.

Away She Goes! This blog would actually be a continuation of my past blog, “The Bucket List,” in which I mention the things I would like to experience or attain before my death. Each month or week (depending on how adventurous I am) I will write about my journey on actually accomplishing that task. Not only that, but I will of course keep my personal and spiritual life just a little bit open, so you can once more know what’s going on in my life, and maybe understand exactly why I choose to, say, drive up to Canada just to drink a beer (you never know, maybe I would like to do that one day).

So, OK, no need to vote. I’m starting a brand new blog about checking off items on my bucket list. Look for it starting in October, probably after my honeymoon šŸ™‚ In the meantime, I will be adding to my bucket list and hopefully coming up with some super terrific (!) tasks. 


Music playing while writing this: “Move on Up” by Curtis Mayfield