This past Sunday, the only thing I heard people say more than “Peace be with you” was “Go, Brewers!” Combine sunshine with colorful leaves, add three Bob Uecker home run calls, two Wayne Larrivee touchdown calls, and Brewer and Packer victories, and one just experienced some heaven.

New package, same message: The U.S. bishops issued their quadrennial political responsibility statement last week. If you read, understood and put into practice what they wrote in 2007, then all you need to do is read what Catholic News Service described as “the brief Introductory Note” that accompanies the reissued “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.”

Like previous political responsibility statements — the bishops have been issuing them since the 1976 election, readers will take what they want from this one to justify their views. And the bishops will spend much of September and October 2012 explaining what they really mean. And, hopefully, all of the bishops will be “on message,” as the politicians’ handlers spin the bishops’ words to their respective candidates’ benefit.

Collecting warmth: The annual Caps4Kids collection is underway. Begun by your Catholic Herald in cooperation with the St. Vincent de Paul Society in 2005, its partners now include the Pallottine Priests and Brothers and Big Buck Country 106.9. It’s all about warmth — warmth for the heads and hands of children in need.

On Saturday, Nov. 12, 10-noon, there will be a Caps4Kids weigh-in at St. Vincent Pallotti Church, 201 N. 76th St., Milwaukee. Bishop Don Hying will be there, as will Cindy Huber, from Big Buck Country, to help weigh all the NEW caps, gloves and mittens we collect. It may be sunny now, but remember, there’s no such thing as a mild winter. For more information, call (414) 462-7837, Ext. 104.

Speaking of winter not being mild, this is National Chestnut Week. In the colder days to come, those will be roasting on an open fire. Listen to this and then call the number above.