I had the opportunity to work with an event planner at Irene’s Catering Service in Milwaukee regarding the type of wedding I was envisioning. I sent Karen a bunch of photos of long branches, square vases, black/white patterns, crystals and candlelight (which I found my simply doing a search on Google images). At the end of the week she invited me to their show room to look at a mock-up of the wedding table.

I was speechless.

This was exactly what I wanted: elegant yet simple. (Sorry, I will upload a photo of the actual table soon, as I have forgotten my camera at home)

Now that we are able to check that task off our seemingly never-ending list of wedding chores, I’m slowly but surely beginning to breathe again. Which is good, because this week fellow reporter Tracy and I are in charge of putting the paper out. Let me tell you, Brian and Maryangela make it look so easy, but it really isn’t.

Come back soon, you two! This week has sure been a test of our faith!


Music playing while writing this: “New Soul” by Yael Naim and David Donatien