My eyes are closing as I write this. It is now exactly 17 days until I officially become Mrs. Matthew Taylor (I felt a jump in my chest just now … I forgot that I was to become a “mrs”). The check is in the mail for the photographer (no really, I swear I sent it this morning), the contract has been signed with the bartender (Lakefront Beer! Yay!), I will be picking up my dress from the tailor on Friday, and the centerpieces are nearly finished.

I’m exhausted.

Other than actually getting married, there are a number of things I’m looking forward to on October 16. Eating fantastic food from our station buffets, courtesy of Irene’s Catering Service; drinking good beer from Lakefront Brewery; wearing a pretty wedding dress for a whole night; seeing friends and family that I hardly ever see; playing with my nieces and nephews…

OK, but the best part I’m actually looking forward to on the day of my wedding? My toasting glass:


I just really can’t wait to hold that glass in my hand, while wearing an ivory colored wedding dress and cathedral length vail.

Sorry this is short, but Matt and I have an appointment to meet with our priest one last time today. One more thing to cross off on that never ending list!


Music playing while writing this: “Dirty Glass” by Dropkick Murphys