And thank you Lord, they all agree to wear it!!!

After hours of Internet shopping and visiting bridal store after bridal store, we have finally chosen the perfect bridesmaid dress for my friends and sisters to wear, designed by Watters.

Now the next thing I have to do is find the accessories I need to make each girl stand out in a unique way. I’m planning on doing this by finding them a special broach to wear on the bodice of the dress, and a simple diamond letter of their first name initial to add to their bouquet, like so: 


and this broach from

It seems as though the closer we get to the actual wedding date, the better our plans have been falling into place. However, the only problem with that is it now leaves me more time to think about other things. For example, how in the world am I going to live with a boy for the rest of my life?! 

I know that God is with me each step of the way, but even so, I’m forever worrying about things that are sometimes out of my control. Hopefully after we attend the Engagement Enrichment Conference this coming April at St. Lucy Parish, Racine, we (OK, I) will be a lot better at expressing myself.

Sigh. Can you tell I’m the kind of person who can freak out over the littlest things? 


Music playing while writing this: “Country Roads” by Ryan Bingham