With Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan scheduled to give the benediction at the Republican National Convention, the Democrats must have recognized the star power he brings to an event. They have invited him — and he has accepted — to give the benediction at their convention. I anticipate that the TV commentators will shut their mouths — oh, thank you, Jesus! — and that the cameras will be on Cardinal Dolan so all can hear his prayers for both parties.

An invitation to be civil: Cardinal Dolan has extended an invitation of his own to the Republican and Democratic candidates for president and vice president. According to Catholic News Service, he has asked them to sign a petition seeking civil dialogue and to refrain from personal attacks during the two months remaining in the campaign leading up to the November election.

The “Civility in America” petition developed by the Knights of Columbus calls on candidates, commentators and media representatives to focus on the important issues facing the country rather than on individual personalities. You can read his letter at www.archny.org/news-events/news-press-releases/index.cfm?i=25944.

I know Cardinal Dolan can make things happen, and I know not to underestimate his ability to do what might seem impossible to the rest of us, but civility in a presidential election? Among candidates and commentators? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgzXwpePTTU.

Speaking of the cardinal, my brother reminded me that it was 10 years ago today, the Feast of St. Augustine, that Cardinal Dolan was installed as archbishop of Milwaukee.

No excuses, Archbishop: Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco has apologized for driving while under the influence this past weekend in San Diego. According to Catholic News Service, he is scheduled to be arraigned on the misdemeanor charge Oct. 9 — five days after his scheduled installation as San Francisco’s archbishop. If convicted, he faces penalties of up to three years of probation, two days in jail, an $1,800 fine and sobriety counseling.

I wish the archbishop no ill will, but, because this is personal with me, few things raise my ire as much as reports of people driving after they’ve had too much alcohol to drink. If Archbishop Corddileone is convicted, it would be the foundation for the most important pro-life message he could deliver to the Catholic faithful.

I cannot fathom why anyone who has been drinking would drive. There is no justification for it. None. Maybe the archbishop will be able to help deliver that message. May Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, apostolic nuncio to the United States, and/or someone from the Vatican Congregation for Bishops give the new archbishop that assignment.

Stay home: Given that last piece, you’ll want to know that we are in the midst of National Safe at Home Week.