Well, we had it. That dreaded, no-one-wants-to-talk-about-it, let’s-grab-a-beer-first, who-has-the-calculator, why-did-you-take-this-road talk: discussing our finances.

After discussing what Matt owes (a small amount) and what I owe (Marquette University grad, you do the math), as well as our combined monthly incomes, well … it looks like we’re going to have to get creative when it comes to living our lives together for the first few years.

There goes my dream of living the high life in the city, drinking $14 martinis and dinning out every night. At least for now.

All of this talk about money causes me to think back on the stories my parents told me about their first few years of marriage. Whether the stories were humorous or horrible, they generally ended the same way: “While we didn’t have a lot of money, those years were the best of our lives because all we had were each other.”

Now that I’m about to share the relatively same experiences of thousands of couples before me, I have no doubt that we too shall one day end our stories the same way.

However, when you’re actually going through it, I will be the first one to admit that it totally sucks. 


Music playing while writing this: “Cry Cry Cry” by Lindsay Mac