I have had an epiphany.

It all began today when I woke up at 6 a.m., even though my dad told me I didn’t have to come into work this morning. Which was good, because I was hung-over.

While I laid in bed, withering in pain from a massive headache, I began to think over my life this past year. While I don’t really drink as much as I should to warrant the hang-overs I’ve been getting (3 beers tops over a period of four hours, for the most part), I had to admit that something had to be done.  

That’s when I turned on the television, and my life changed.

I caught the second half of the E! True Hollywood Story: Valerie Bertinelli. Much as I was currently doing, Valerie spent many years of her life on cruise control, eating what she wanted, exercising as little as possible and just letting life pass her by. However, she managed to change all that when she became the Jenny Craig spokeswomen, inspiring millions of women in the country, including yours truly. Since this morning, that is.

“If I can do this, anyone can do it,” Valerie said as the program faded into commercial. Laying in bed, my hair a rat’s nest, sleep still in my eyes and my pajamas in need of a good washing, I nodded my head slowly.

I’m somebody! I thought to myself.

There comes a time in every person’s life when decisions have to be made. If I’m unhappy with how little energy I’ve had this past year, and if my wedding dress currently does not fit (oh yes, I asked my sister to zip me up, and after a minute she said the dress wouldn’t let her, I don’t think I told you that), and if I get winded just walking up a flight of stairs, something has got to be done.

Not tomorrow, or a month or two from now, but today.

So, blog readers, I am asking for your help. From today on, I need to monitor my alcohol intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink as much water as my body will allow, and take a hike. Literally. And some crunches and leg lifts, too. 

And just to keep myself accountable, I will let you know each time I blog how much exercise I do each week. I promise! 

Well, this is the first day of the rest of my life. Here I go!


Music playing while writing this: “President of What?” by Death Cab for Cutie