Fact: You will never NOT argue.

As much as I wanted to believe that our relationship was a special, one of a kind friendship, where WE were the lucky ones … well, I know now that that is never true in any relationship. We’re going to fight (have been, actually), and fight about silly things that appear to really matter to only one of us.

While I would love to put my secret weapon to work (tears always worked on my dad), I know that that kind of reaction is NOT something that makes a strong Catholic marriage. Which brings me to that ever-loving question that I’ve heard since I was a child: What would Jesus do?

Hmm. What would Jesus do in this situation?

Obviously, we still have a lot to work on before we walk down the aisle, my case especially. I have to learn how to be both tired and non-cranky after work, as well as keep up my goal of doing something kind and thoughtful for Matt everyday.

We’re going to love and respect one another. I’m pretty sure that’s what Jesus would do. 


Music playing while writing this: “If Not For You” by Bob Dylan