Now that I have your attention, let me be the first one to tell you that it’s not true. So far.      

However, I felt that my topic this week should be about the topic of children, something that apparently everyone I know who’s married has to deal with at one time or another (and even those who aren’t!).

Matt and I did discuss children last night, a continuing topic these past couple of months. While we are both in agreement that waiting for at least a year or two before becoming pregnant would be very wise for the two of us (we both feel we’re childish enough as it is), we still feel excited at the prospect of having kids. 

Not only kids of our own, but adopting kids is also an idea for our family. I have a niece and nephew who were both adopted from South Korea (Hanna Cha and Jake), and ever since we picked them up one by one at O’Hare Airport, I’ve been excited at the thought of doing it again. Hopefully we can find a couple of kids from West or South Africa who are in need of a family. 

What are your thoughts to planning for kids? Was it a struggle for you and your spouse to choose how many to have, or were you both in agreement from the get-go?

Of course, being Catholic there is always the possibility that we will have more than we planned for, but one thing I know for sure. When I tell Matt that we’re pregnant, I’m going to hide a video recorder to get his reaction. Wanted or not, that guy is going to be so surprised!


Music playing while writing this: “The String Quartet Baby Shower” by Vitamin String Quartet (figured it was appropriate)