So, I would have finished the Insanity workout if I hadn’t sprained my ankle. As it was, Shaun T. kept telling me to breathe through the pain and keep going with the exercises, but I guess my pain was a little too intense for me. I only got through the first week before I had to quite completely, before I did some serious damage (Future note: try not to fast-forward through that part about visiting a doctor before starting any exercise plan, like I did).

So, in about three months, I will be running around crazily as I frantically try to finish the rest of the wedding tasks, knowing that only two days remain before my beloved and I are joined as one. To tell you the truth, it still has yet to hit me that this is the last year I’ll be a single girl. While of course I’ll miss that part of my life, I know that there is much more out there for me in the future.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is making a “bucket list,” or a list of things to accomplish in life before I die. When I was younger, I was always making a list of things I wanted in life: To graduate high school, college, leave the country for a good amount of time, take a road trip, etc. Now that I’ve crossed most of them off my list, I think I need something else to accomplish. Such as:

  • Hold on to Matt while he drives a Vespa in Italy
  • Run a 5K (believe me, three miles would be a huge accomplishment)
  • Have 6-pack abs
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany 
  • Learn to salsa dance (this is tentative)
  • Have lots of happy, healthy babies
  • Own a home in a place where I want to spend all my time in the backyard
  • Take Matt to Table Mountain and show him my favorite place to eat a packed lunch
  • Become an expert at rock climbing

While many of these entries seem pretty far-fetched, I can’t help but look back to all the things I have accomplished in my life so far. Honestly, who would have thought that I would one day be looking out at Cape Point, the most south-western point of the African continent?  (See me in green below)

What have you added to your own “bucket list”? Why is it important to you? How do you go about being motivated for it? Let me know by posting below!


Music playing while writing this: “Your Love is My Drug” by Ke$ha