SamanthaParedesSaturday, Aug. 20


Just thought I’d check in with you! Sorry I’ve been out of contact – it’s been crazy, what multiple speakers and events that are occurring here in Madrid… such as the Pope arriving.

Yes, I did just say the Pope arriving. He drove right past us in the PopeMobile!!!

Currently writing this from an American Mass, but I thought I’d just let you in on a very brief update on my mental status.

Difficulties of the past two days: Lost my train pass, ended up wandering Madrid alone, had a few asthma troubles due to exhaustion, have an infected knee (I fell once in the Retiro, a beautiful park, then as it was healing, I fell on a grate later that night, so the wound reopened and is now a bit swollen), didn’t have enough time to pick up the rest of the souvenirs for my loved ones, and I woke up 20 minutes before leaving for pilgrimage to the vigil just now, so I smell. By the time I return to Madrid tomorrow evening, It’ll have been three days since I’ve showered!

Been kinda exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically.

And yet, despite all these things this morning, I’m finding that I’m just being reminded to stay positive and to let go of trying to control all that happens in my life. It’s been a long couple days, but in all honesty, the second I heard the praise and worship music emanating from mass, only joy has filled my spirit. I can’t wait to reach vigil tonight and solely praise God, to unite with international youth in our love of Christ one final, radical time.

I’ll update you post-Vigil about the experience. Until then, peace!