Freddie Pettigrew Jr., 18, is more than just a parishioner at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Milwaukee. As a member of the parish council, he’s in charge of the altar servers, but he also volunteers outside, doing landscaping work on the church grounds, and inside, by cleaning and doing set up. Why? “I truly enjoy serving God in any way possible,” he said.

School and/or occupation:
I’m currently a senior (12th grade) at Riverside University High School and my occupation is working at Piggly Wiggly.

What’s on your iPod?
I enjoy listening to hip hop and techno music.

If you could dine with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
I would want to dine with Jesus, because I am interested in learning and understanding his reason for sacrificing his life for our sins.

Who has made the biggest impact upon you?
My mother has made the biggest impact on my life, because no matter what happens, she is always by my side.

What’s one thing that makes you unique?
I have not read the Bible (in its entirety) however my belief in the Christian faith is stronger each and every day. I never doubt God and his presence no matter what happens. I have a clear understanding of the Bible and why things happen in our everyday lives but most of all, I understand more than most people around my age.

What does your normal weekend look like?
A normal weekend to me is a nice morning breakfast, a quiet day for me to meditate, and a meal.

Favorite Bible story/Scripture passage/prayer:
Phil 2:30 – “Because for the work of Christ he was nigh unto death, not regarding his life, to supply your lack of service toward me.”

Favorite quote:
“God is good all the time and all the time God is good.”

What is your favorite food, dessert?
I (like) a variety of different (foods), however, for dessert, I enjoy eating chocolate cake.

What was your confirmation name?
My confirmation name was Michael. The reason for me picking that name was because my priest (Capuchin) Fr. Michael Bertram inspires me in the Christian faith.

What do you enjoy most about going to Mass?
I enjoy the Gospel music, the Word of the Lord and the readings, but most of all, the people that come together every Sunday are what I enjoy.

A challenge in life that has strengthened your faith:
A challenge for me was putting my life in God’s hands, because I always felt I could do and make things happen on my own.

Favorite pastime/hobby/activity:
Basically just watch television, listen to music and go for a jog once in a while.

What is the most important thing you want to accomplish in life?
Graduate from college and start a family of my own while working as an electrician.
How do you live your faith every day?
I pray and give thanks to God every morning and night for blessing me, and everyone in the world.