How much of the 2021 Catholic Stewardship Appeal went to help train priests, deacons and other leaders?

  1. 11 percent
  2. 23 percent
  3. 46 percent
  4. 80 percent

The correct answer is 46 percent.

This is just one way that the Appeal touches the life of every Catholic in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and introduces many others to the ways of the faith.

“The Catholic Stewardship Appeal proves that if we come together as people of God, we can accomplish far more than any one of us could on our own. Every gift to the appeal helps thousands of people in our Church, in our community and in southeastern Wisconsin,” Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki said.

Other areas funded and the proportion of proceeds they received in 2021 include strengthening parish ministries and promoting evangelization, 22 percent; Catholic Charities and other ministries serving those in need, 21 percent; and services that support Catholic schools and other parish religious education, 11 percent.

In this way, we “Light this World to Heaven,” which is the theme of this year’s $8.1 million campaign, kicking off Feb. 3-4. The percentages are based on the spending of funds in 2021, the most recent data available, and is an approximation of how donations will be used in 2023.

“We want the local Church to be strong and vital through the sacraments, ministries and our service to those in need,” Archbishop Listecki said. “One of the best and most important ways this is accomplished is through the annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal.”

Appeal donations — regardless of size — touch countless lives by:

  • Offering a helping hand to more than 50,000 people, the most vulnerable among us, through quality social services from Catholic Charities;
  • Providing for the recent ordination of five new priests and the education of 80 seminarians, a record number, studying at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary;
  • Enabling 101 Catholic schools and parish religious education programs to guide young people in faith;
  • Preparing 24 deacon candidates so they can work in parishes and help families; and
  • Strengthening many other important ministries of the Church.

“We join together to help our world be lighter. It is your helping hands that make the world brighter. So, let’s ‘Light this World to Heaven,’” said Jenny Mendenhall, director of the Catholic Stewardship Appeal.

Appeal support for Saint Francis de Sales Seminary has been crucial. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is known nationally for its dramatic jump in the number of seminarians from 17 men in 2012 to 45 today. There also are now 35 seminarians from six other dioceses studying there, bringing the total to 80.

“We are bursting at the seams,” said Fr. Luke Strand, who became the seminary’s rector in June. “We had men living in offices last year because we didn’t have enough places for them to go.” The seminary can now accommodate up to 85 prospective priests, he said.

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