If God were to rate the world today, what rating would it receive from its maker? Maybe the many people donating their time and talent to saving victims of the earthquake, gathering supplies and money to help save and rebuild lives would positively tip the scale. But if God were to look at our music and movie industry, the media and the many ways that drugs, sex and violence comprise a large part of our lives, well, maybe it would be rated R. My 24-year-old eyes see it that way and start to worry for future generations.

During my visit to Oshkosh last weekend, my brother Troy and I attended Mass at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, where Fr. Lawrence Villone of the Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament came to talk about the importance of perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Most Blessed Sacrament will soon be on Fr. Villone’s list of more than 200 of these chapels opened throughout the world as he is working to make this the reality of every parish and Christian community. One line in particular stood out in Fr. Villone’s presentation, “For every 10 people receiving God’s blessings, only one prays and thanks God for those blessings. Are you that person?”

We have a pretty important job as young adult Catholics. Not only are we thanking God for the blessings we receive, and bringing relief to all of those suffering from whatever storms are raging, but we must also remember to pray for all of the people who don’t think twice about God, all of the people who are adding to and living the R-rated life and for anyone who has closed the door to his or her faith. 

Thank God for the hope that keeps us strong when the faith around us is in short supply. Thank him for the days your smile touches your heart. Thank him for the toast you had in the morning, because your stomach won’t be growling at you. Thank him for the days you’re sick or tired or upset, because it can always be worse.

Whatever you do, thank him, and proudly live your Catholic faith in this R-rated world. Together, we can work to achieve a better rating, starting with small changes that you can read about on Page 5. As Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t help 100 people, then just help one.” May God bless you as you weather whatever storms touch your life this year.