joankingThe 1988 song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” comes to mind when I’m having a bad day. What do you do when the day “goes down the tubes”? What brings the smiles back?

Here are some happy thoughts for rainy days in your life (actually, the weather as I’m writing this is rainy and a little sunshine would be welcome.)

The alphabet is an easy way to recall happy, funny or possibly ridiculous occasions or to spark wishes.

• Airplane – where did you go, who did you see?

• Balloon – to quote Winnie the Pooh – “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon”

• Childhood – happiest experience

• D is for a funny event with a dog

• Evening sky

• Funniest friend

• G is for the best gift you ever received

• Husband’s best quality

• I (am happiest when I am _______ )

• Junk drawer – there has to be something happy in there

• Keg (root beer, beer, or one to sit on)

• L is for more love in the world

• M is for favorite month

• Nap in the afternoon

• Oreo cookie

• P is for your favorite picture

• Q is for your most memorable quest

• R as in “ring around the rosy”

• Sing a song

• Time of your life

• U is for ukulele

• Vacation – best ever

• Winter fun memory

• X is for xylophone

• Y is for telling your favorite yarn

• Z is for a time to ZZZZZ after a good day.

Consider creating your own alphabet and tucking it away for a day that needs sunshine.

Things that make me happy are the sun rising and staying around for the day; starting the day with a prayer/Mass, daily rosary; enjoying a hot cup of coffee with the morning paper; having a positive conversation /comments to start the day; receiving a call from a son/daughter; a friendly phone conversation with an old friend; meeting with friends for lunch, shopping, etc.; receiving a friendly e-mail or snail mail; sending an e-mail or card to a friend; flowers/ summer gardens; a curious chipmunk crossing the patio.[su_pullquote align=”right”]Things to do
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— Compiled by Joan King [/su_pullquote]

Happiness is also hearing good news, watching Doc Martin on TV, receiving a positive outcome from the doctor or dentist, a baby’s smile; a hug — giving or receiving, the car running smoothly, traffic is light, courteous drivers; sharing – a cup of coffee, a home baked goodie, garden produce, flowers; taking a walk in the neighborhood, attending an exercise class, reading a good mystery, swimming (lake or pool), beautiful summer day, being inside to look out at a winter snowstorm, shuffling through fall leaves, watching the progression of budding spring trees.

Even happier times are preparing family dinner, family picnics/reunions, holding a puppy or kitten, finishing a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, knitting, visiting a homebound neighbor, traveling to a new destination, learning new ideas, meeting new people, enjoying a meal out, afternoon nap, making lists, an enthusiastic hello, hearing someone say “I love you,” saying “I love you,” and never saying goodbye but “‘til we meet again.”

“God protect me from sullen saints.” – St. Teresa of Avila

(King, a member of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish, North Lake, is married to Thomas. They have seven children, 17 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.)