The practicality of the volume comes from its consistent presentation of material. Each day begins with a quote from Mother Teresa, a reflection for parents, family prayer, a story from Mother Teresa’s life, a lesson on fasting, e.g., “Ask the children to think about ‘fasting’ today from selfishness,” a lesson on almsgiving, e.g., “Ask the children to think of a person who may be yearning for love,” prayer, and a concluding segment titled “All through the Day.”

The order, rhythm and pacing of each day’s material makes it friendly for the parents who will use it. No one has to ask, “What do I say to my kids about faith?” or “How do I pray with them?” After a few days of following “Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa,” parents will know what to say to their kids and how to pray with them. As for the children themselves, it will provide them with a meaningful observance of the season that could serve as seeds for an active faith life.

Olszewski is general manager of the Catholic Herald, a publication serving the Catholic community in southeastern Wisconsin.