And in her honor, wouldn’t it be great if the Monday Night Football announcers didn’t utter the sports cliché that dishonors her? Such an idea will disappear faster than that sacrifice you promised to fulfill last Lent.

Speaking of Lent, that’s the last time I took time to write on my blog. Put another way, the Brewers were in first place then, and during Easter and a good portion of Ordinary Time. Now, they have made it seem like Lent again.

SSL: Lest you think I’ve been loafing these past five months, among the things I’ve been studying is SSL – Synod as a Second Language. It was a necessity as I wrote about the process leading up to and including the Archdiocesan Synod on Pentecost weekend.
Regarding the synod, Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki will promulgate his Synodal Decree on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, Sunday, Sept. 14. This will mark the beginning of the implementation of the synod’s recommendations.

NBA meets HGTV: Last summer I wrote about how the Bucks made changes to the décor in their practice facility. Among the things they did was cover, from their side, the window overlooking the facility on the first floor of the Cousins Center.
With new ownership came another change at that window – a change that makes one wonder if Ty Pennington is a minority owner of the team: There are now curtains covering it from the Cousins Center side. It looks like an audition for an Ikea display. And it looks stupid.
Of course, it wouldn’t look that way if the tenants had just left the window uncovered. Are they really afraid that someone is going to steal the plays of the worst team in the NBA? Maybe they covered the window as a public service; they didn’t want children and youth to pick up their bad habits.

Could Catholics find more things about which to disagree? The Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Peoria are at odds over where the body of the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen should reside. It’s currently in New York, and Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan plans to keep it there. However, the Diocese of Peoria, which has been promoting the archbishop’s cause for sainthood, wants the body back in Peoria.
Since the cardinal is not releasing the body, Peoria has indefinitely suspended its promotion of his cause. That’s unfortunate on several levels, not the least of which is we are being denied the evangelization impact that a Blessed Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen could have upon the church.
As an example to all Catholics as to how reconciliation works, might not the cardinal and Peoria Bishop Daniel R. Jenky resolve this?

Something to celebrate: This is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. Thank you.