In this movie's universe, the only purpose women in exercise tights have are for ogling, bald men are for slapping around, and Nick Swardson's mentally ill and over-medicated bus driver, Nick, is for a wide range of crude physical humor when he's not leering at a gay exercise instructor.
Nearly every possible sight gag involving excretory functions, whether with beer bottles or a soft-serve ice cream machine, is put into use, beginning with a runaway deer in the opening minutes. For good measure, there are three vomiting sequences. The tenuous plot threads combine during Lenny's raucous '80s party at the finish.
The film contains nearly nonstop scatological references, fleeting rear male nudity, mild sexual banter and fleeting crass language. The Catholic News Service classification is A-III ––adults. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is PG-13 –– parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

Jensen is a guest reviewer for Catholic News Service.