Jesus also explains the costly requirements to be one of his disciples. He gives two examples of a wise builder and a warring king of how necessary it is to think about the cost before going ahead with any plans or projects.

When we received the sacrament of baptism, we were given a share in the life of God and set apart as people of God to do his work. From that moment, and with the help of sacramental grace, we were chosen to bring Jesus and his love to others.

Jesus’ call to discipleship is demanding. He wants us to think carefully about being his disciples, the total commitment and sacrifice it requires, and our willingness to put our relationship with him before everything else – accepting a different way of life.

That means studying and learning about Jesus by following church teaching, reading the Scriptures, the catechism, and the lives of the saints; keeping the Ten Commandments; praying; spending time in eucharistic adoration; going to Mass; receiving the sacraments, especially Communion and reconciliation; and loving God and others by practicing kindness, forgiveness and generosity.

Following Jesus as our leader now means someday we will share God’s love, peace and happiness in heaven for all eternity. That’s worth the cost.

Gracious God, give us the courage, strength and help to be faithful disciples of your Son, Jesus, and to put him first – always first – in our lives.  Marianne Couture, Catholic Herald Staff