“Choose the color that you see first in the picture,” read the silly self-assessment test.

Being a fan of color, I naturally gravitated toward the bright colors — the deep blues, the emerald greens.

After I answered all 10 questions, I anxiously awaited as my results were “analyzed and data collected” to determine how I perceive things.

According to the answers I chose, I supposedly have an optimistic yet realistic outlook on life. Whew! Thank you, social media, for clearing that up, for social media tests are always accurate…

As humorous as that true scenario sounds, it gave me pause to reflect on my own, real outlook on people and life. I know that everything is not peaches and unicorns, but I hope I see things in a positive, yet matter-of-fact way.

My philosophy is that there is good in most everyone and everything in this world; we just have realize it. And, wow, has it been hard with the events in our country and world as of late. With so many colorless things happening in the world, how can we see in “color”?

Just look around; you will see it.

It’s yellow in the innocence of a 5-year-old singing “The Alphabet Song” at the top of his lungs in the church bathroom.

It’s white in the first snowfall of the season, although we are well aware of winters in Wisconsin.

It’s purple in the students who say “thank you” when receiving the paper on which to take their science test that they are not thrilled to be taking.

It’s green in the friendly wave (not “gesture”) from the car stopped so you can back out of Target’s parking lot on a busy Saturday.

It’s red in the teen hanging with his friends, walking out of the mall with his hands full of pizza and soda, yet holding the door open for the woman on crutches.

It’s silver in the older gentleman offering to take the cart to the cart rack for the frazzled mother with a 2-year-old in full tantrum.

It’s navy blue in the story of the police officer in Philadelphia who bought a homeless man shoes after he was reported being on the bus without the required footwear.

It’s light blue in the coworker who will cover a shift for a mom whose child is sick with the flu.

It’s brown in the person at the gas station who buys a coffee for the person next in line, just to pay it forward.

It’s orange in the people who supported this not-so-coordinated runner raising money for Multiple Sclerosis by sponsoring her at the Milwaukee Running Festival.

It’s red, white, and blue in the many supporters for our fellow man facing a different kind of red.

It’s out there. Just look at life in color as if Dorothy opened the door to Munchkin land.

It’s in the sunrises.

It’s in the sunsets.

It’s in the sound of rain on the windows.

It’s in the sound of a baby gut-laughing.

It’s in the moon rising behind a steeple.

It’s in the color of fall blanketing the landscape.

Appreciate the color in your life. Having just observed Thanksgiving, and with Advent upon us, give thanks to the One who gave us these and other colorful things for which to be grateful. And never forget to be thankful for the two gifts you open every day … your eyes.

(Michele, a mother of three, teaches fourth grade at Waukesha Catholic School, Waukesha.)