Simon Humke, 21 months, chases bubbles during a visit to his grandmother, Betty Humke’s house in Sheboygan. Simon is the son of Kristin and Joseph Humke, members of the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. The photo, taken by Erika Humke, a member of St. Clement Parish, Sheboygan, was selected a winner in Catholic Herald Parenting’s 2010 cover photo contest. In selecting the photo a winner, judges said it is “easily one of the best entries with its color and action,” and “is a great storytelling moment.”

Thanks to the many readers who entered our 2010 Catholic Herald Parenting cover photo contest.

Winners, listed below, will be featured on upcoming covers of Catholic Herald Parenting, while honorable mention winners will be featured within the pages of the section. A complete listing of honorable mention winners will appear in our October issue.

A special thanks to our judges, photojournalists, Allen Fredrickson, Juan Carlos Medina and James Pearson for selecting the winners.

The winning photos feature:

Simon Humke, 21 months, son of Kristin and Joseph Humke, members of the Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis. Photo by Erike Humke. (September)

Noah Michael Altenberger, 8 months, son of Scott and Michelle Altenberger, members of St. Anthony Parish, Menomonee Falls. Photo by Scott and Michelle Altenberger. (October)

Noah and Claire Lukens, ages 2 and 2 months, children of Ben and Jackie Lukens, members of St. Mary Parish, Belgium. Photo by Jackie Lukens (November)

Jack and Will Peelen, ages 6 and 1, sons of Jeff and Roxanne Peelen, members of St. Alphonsus Parish, Greendale, and the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukee. Photo by Roxanne Peelen. (December)

Johnny and Jacob Archibald, 9 and 7, sons of Michael and Ann Archibald, members of St. Joseph Parish, Wauwatosa. Photo by Ann Archibald. (February)

Collette Elizabeth Fandre, 7 months, daughter of Chris and Nicki Fandre, members of St. Mary Parish, Waukesha. Photo by Nicki Fandre. (March)

Grace Anderson, 8, daughter of Jamie and Brian Anderson, members of St. Alphonsus Parish, New Munster. Photo by Joanne Ross. (April)

Christa Borchardt, 4, daughter of Tim and Heather Borchardt, members of Holy Apostles Parish, New Berlin. Photo by Heather Borchardt. (May)

A list of honorable mention winners will run in the October issue of Catholic Herald Parenting.