Photo illustration by Phil Younk
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Holy Trinity isn’t a puzzle, it’s a truth

Based on Prv 8:22-31; Rom 5:1-5; Jn 16:12-15

It’s a mystery – something hard to understand or explain. The workings of a computer, electricity creating light, or why birds fly south for the winter might be mysterious to you. As you continue studying in school you’ll begin to understand these mysteries.

This Sunday we celebrate the feast of the Most Holy Trinity – the central mystery of our faith and a beautiful mystery of love. All three readings speak of God’s love and promises for us.

Our faith is based on the saving action of the Holy Trinity: God the Father created the universe; as his children we call him “Father.”

He sent Jesus, his Son, to rescue us from sin. Through Jesus’ life, death and Resurrection, we can someday enjoy eternal happiness with him in heaven.

God the Holy Spirit leads us in truth, through the Scriptures and church teaching, and fills us with courage and grace to live our faith and to share God’s love.

Three persons in one God – how can this be? The Holy Trinity is a faith mystery we can’t fully understand or explain. Though we don’t understand, we believe because Jesus told us so and because the Holy Spirit helps us to believe.

It is said when St. Patrick was preaching in Ireland, he looked for a simple way to explain the Holy Trinity. One day, walking in a field, he picked up one of the shamrocks that grow in Ireland. When preaching, he showed that the shamrock has three leaves but one stem and explained the Holy Trinity was like the shamrock – three persons but one God.

At baptism, we begin our life of grace and relationship with God. Through the other sacraments, we continue to receive God’s grace to live our faith and to share God’s love as Jesus taught us.

It’s not as important to think about the Holy Trinity as a mystery as it is to remember God’s love for us. The Holy Trinity isn’t a puzzle to solve but a truth to believe.

Father (Creator), Son (Savior) and Holy Spirit (Heavenly Guide): three Persons in One God: triple givers of one gigantic Love.

Always recite the “Glory Be” prayer slowly and thoughtfully, remembering God’s love is with us always. Be thankful.