Photo illustration by Phil Younk
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Share Jesus’ message through thoughts, words, actions

Based on Am 7:12-15; Eph 1:3-14; Mk 6:7-13

All three readings for this Sunday call us to take part in Jesus’ mission.

In the Gospel, Jesus meets with his Twelve Apostles. They have been close to him throughout his ministry, listening to his preaching, teaching and witnessing his miracles. Jesus says the apostles are ready to go out “two by two” as his followers to continue his mission of preaching, teaching repentance, expelling demons, and anointing and healing the sick.

Jesus tells them not to take anything with them but the clothes they are wearing, a pair of sandals and a walking stick. If people do not welcome them or listen to the teaching, the apostles are to leave them behind.
Travel in Jesus’ time was different than it is today. There were no cars, planes, trains or motorboats.

People traveled by walking, riding donkeys, using carts pulled by two horses or other animals or in sailboats. They also made sure they had the right clothes, a thick cloak, a spare pair of sandals, a bag, a container of water and a stick to protect themselves.

If bad weather made it impossible to sleep outdoors, wrapped in the thick cloak, they would ask at a house for a bed to sleep on.

People in Jesus’ time welcomed travelers to stay in their homes. Or, travelers stayed at an inn. People traveled in pairs not only for protection from weather, illness, or lame animals, but mostly from robbers.

Jesus told his apostles not to take anything with them but to trust God to take care of them. And, he did.
Following Jesus’ example, the apostles proclaimed the Good News and accomplished a lot. Because of their persistence and trust in God, many people learned about God’s love, goodness, forgiveness, healing and peace.
Jesus’ first mission call to us came at baptism. We can share Jesus’ message with others by living as he taught us in our thoughts, words and actions. The Holy Spirit can then work through us to help others know God better, love God more and serve God faithfully