Simon, a religious Pharisee who took pride in obeying the laws, is annoyed and embarrassed that Jesus would allow such a sinful person to touch him. Jesus gently rebukes him and teaches Simon by asking a couple of questions that quietly move his conscience. Jesus challenges Simon and his guests with the lesson that someone who has been forgiven much will be most grateful.

Simon and his guests saw the woman as a socially unacceptable person who acted improperly. Jesus saw the woman as a person with faith, love and potential for spiritual conversion.

Jesus gives us a chance to experience his love and forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation. His words, “Your sins are forgiven…. Your faith has saved you, go in peace” are quoted almost verbatim by the priest when we go to confession. Jesus is pleased and generously showers us with his merciful and healing love. Regular and frequent confession is one of the surest ways to grow spiritually. Love and forgiveness always go together.

“Heart of Jesus, generous to all who turn to you, have mercy on us.”