Photo illustration by Phil Younk
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Trust in God means being content with what we have

Based on Is 49:14-15; 1 Cor 4:1-5; Mt 6:24-34

Today’s responsorial psalm sums up the readings: “Trust in God at all times, O my people.” 

Isaiah speaks God’s comforting words to the Jewish people that he will not forget them in their trials and will be closer to them than a child in a mother’s womb.

In the second reading, Paul continues trying to reconcile the Corinthians and end their quarreling and questioning of his ministry. He challenges them to trust God to see what is in their hearts.

Like last Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus’ teaching in today’s Gospel is clear but hard to follow. Jesus teaches, “Don’t worry.” He says our Heavenly Father knows what we need and we should seek first the Kingdom of God.

Taking care of basic human needs – food, health, clothing, housing and care for loved ones is ongoing. 

The needs of people in Jesus’ time, while not exactly the same as ours today, caused them much worry. Jesus tried to help the people understand the reason for their worry by using an example from nature. Just as God the Father provides for the birds and all of nature, he will provide for those who trust him.

Jesus wants us to understand that we should share our troubles with God and trust that he will take care of us. Jesus came so we would not have to worry – but we continue to do so. We worry about our needs and end up putting our trust in material stuff that is unstable.

Trust in God means being content with and grateful for what we have. The more we set our hearts on seeking “first the kingdom of God” – knowing, loving and following Jesus – the sooner the worry disappears and the sooner all the other “stuff” falls into place.

God loves us very much, and has chosen us to be his children. We are to love one another as he loves us. We have been chosen to learn about Jesus, to worship God and to love others by sharing, helping, forgiving and spreading his joy.

Heavenly Father, we are grateful to be your children.