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Our reward in heaven is priceless

Based on the Gospel of Matthew 13:44-52
More parables – more about the kingdom of heaven.

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a buried treasure, a pearl of great price and a net thrown into the sea to collect all kinds of fish.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus uses parables to teach about the kingdom. Two distinct characteristics stand out:

Its value. Accepting Christ’s message means we accept Christ himself. He is the treasure and the pearl of great price.

(2) Having a personal relationship with Jesus. With his grace, Christ leads us to a fuller, deeper life of faith.

The catechism says, “To gain the kingdom, one must give everything. Words are not enough; deeds are required.” (Catechism #546).

At baptism, we became members of the church that Jesus built – the Body of Christ, with Jesus as the Head of the Body. All part of this treasure of faith is God’s love for us:  the Mass, the sacraments to help us grow in love and grace, especially reconciliation and receiving Jesus in holy Communion, the examples of the saints and the teachings of the church. Jesus wants us to share his Good News.

The opening prayer for this Sunday’s Mass says, “Lord, guide us to everlasting life by helping us to use wisely the blessings you have given the world.”

Jesus says, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind”; and “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Our reward? The greatest of all treasures – Jesus’ promise of heaven and happiness with him forever. Priceless!