Congratulations on your upcoming ordination as a deacon for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The Catholic Herald would like to help introduce you to Catholics in the archdiocese. Please fill out and submit the questionnaire below by Monday, Aug. 29!

Biographical information - deacons

  • Please fill in name, if applicable. If you have not been married please type in "None."
  • Please write the names and ages of your children and grandchildren
  • Please list the college or university you attended; the year of graduation and degrees you earned
  • Please list any specialized training you may have undergone.
  • Please list your occupation, your employer and your current title or position.
  • Please list your diaconal assignment and the types of ministry in which you will be involved (if known at this time).
  • In a sentence or two please explain why you decided to become a deacon in the church. Also, please use this space for anything else you'd like to add about your ministry or yourself.