Today marks the six-month anniversary of Pope Francis’ pontificate. May he continue to minster at this pace, continue to surprise all who hear his words, and be a living example of the Gospel for the world.

It’s the Little Old Pontiff from Argentina: One of our Holy Father’s recent actions solidified my kinship with him. Earlier this week, he accepted a 1984 Renault with 190,000 miles on it from a 79-year-old priest. As one who has almost always driven cars that were at least a decade old, high in mileage, and have had parts missing — and who has been chided for doing so — this is a papal blessing.

He definitely has to get a pair of papal fuzzy dice to hang from the rearview mirror. Note to Vatican gift shop: These could be a big seller if marketed properly.  

While he’s tooling around Vatican City in his “new” wheels, I hope the pope blasts some appropriate music from the AM radio.

Cardinalfest: It may not have been as noisy and as well attended as Summerfest or Harleyfest, but the appearances of Cardinals Timothy M. Dolan and James M. Harvey in Milwaukee brought Catholics out in large numbers. More than 4,000 attended the Pallium Lecture given by the former at the Milwaukee Theater on Sept. 5, and nearly another thousand attended the dinner at Saint Francis Major Seminary where both men were feted on Sept. 6. Makes sense to invite the men in red to help raise some much-needed green.

Can’t explain it: This is National Organic Harvest Month, yet on the 18th we celebrate National Cheeseburger Day. 

Catholic quote of the day: Since today is his feast day, consider reflecting on these words from St. John Chrysostom: “Nothing is more fallacious than wealth. It is a hostile comrade, a domestic enemy.”

Just another way of saying what we often hear in the Gospel.