That best describes the Mass for Peace that was concelebrated last night at St. Francis of Assisi Church, Milwaukee. It was not only about prayer, but about presence of a cross section of the Catholic community concerned about violence. In the city. Everywhere.

Memorable sound: Everything sung by the combined, 60-member choir. Would that every choir, at every liturgy, inspired as this one did.

Memorable statement: There were many, but this one from James T. Henry Jr., a St. Francis of Assisi parishioner, needs repeating: “With God, we can move the mountain of weapons that plague our city.”

Disappointing moment: Wind blowing out candles held by participants as they prepared to walk from the church to the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.

Takeaway from the evening: Never underestimate the power of prayer.

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Also known as Aaron Rodgers Day? Tomorrow, Aug. 15, is National Relaxation Day.