In times of crisis, good information is essential.

With that in mind, Ascension Healthcare System has launched “Good Day Ascension,” a podcast dedicated to informing the community about health issues. In this series, host Rosie Ford speaks with Ascension associates about healthcare, their individual roles and how what they do ties into living out the Ascension mission.

A dozen episodes of “Good Day Ascension” have already been released, including installments on the basics of the coronavirus, how Ascension has prepared, as well as topics surrounding pediatrics, obstetrics and other uplifting stories.

According to Nick Ragone, executive vice president, chief marketing and communications officer, several more episodes are planned. Initially, during the COVID-19 surge, episodes were launched weekly as a way to remind each other of the good across Ascension’s ministry and how much they have to be grateful for. This month, they have moved to a bi-weekly format.

“We have highlighted Ascension clinicians and associations. They come from various backgrounds and specialties, though, like spiritual care, our foundations, (and) supply chain, as well as clinicians like doctors, nurses, techs and therapists,” he said. “The stories they share might surprise you, though. For example, we have heard from a security officer about the Jeep parade he organized to uplift caregivers at every hospital in Jacksonville; and the HR colleague who conducted an incredible virtual choir of associates from across the country to honor the Feast of the Ascension; and a nurse who was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. Everyone has a story. Sharing these stories reminds us that we are all in this together.”

Through sharing inspirational stories and supporting their caregivers who are providing extraordinary care, Ragone said they hope to educate, inform and inspire associates and patients in the communities they serve.

“We hope they’re inspired, and we hope they feel more connected to our mission and to each other,” he said. “We hope they learn something and perhaps can apply it to the market where they serve. We also hope patients and consumers in our communities have a deeper connection to Ascension through these inspirational stories.”

As a Catholic leader in healthcare, Ragone explained that through producing and sharing the podcasts, it is a continuation of their ministry and mission to their associates and the communities they are privileged to serve.

“It’s also another way for us to help lead Catholic healthcare by sharing inspirational and moving stories of care and support,” he said. “Some of our guests are doctors helping patients and families navigate their care during these confusing times. For example, we have had a pediatrician giving advice to parents, an OB-GYN with encouraging information for expecting parents and this week’s podcast features a primary care physician sharing the importance of maintaining your preventive and ongoing care. Other times, we simply share uplifting stories to restore hope and inspire innovation.”

Feedback on the podcasts has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Ragone. Associates from various Ascension locations around the country are able to learn from each other, and patients enjoy learning more about Ascension, health issues and the care they provide.

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If a listener has questions after hearing a podcast, they are invited to reach out to goodday@ascension.org for more information.