With the reopening of the Marian Center, Kathy Suhr excitedly said, “We are doing more of a rebranding of ourselves.”

The Center’s grand re-opening will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 7, across the street from its previous location.

Suhr, who is cheerfully bearing through a laundry list of physical ailments and in need of a kidney, along with the staff of the Marian Center, decided to stay in the same area because their presence is needed.

“I cannot tell you how many phone calls have come in thanking us for coming back,” she said. “There’s a market here. People want us here.”

The store will stock Catholic goods, medals, books and other items. Additionally, the store will have some Jewish wares and Christian Bibles because people of other faiths stop at the Center and “We try to buy according to the needs of the people that are coming in. That is who we serve,” she said.

As an associate with the School Sisters of Notre Dame and current graduate student, Suhr is mission focused— and so is the Marian Center. The new location will not only house the Marian Center store and the 501(c)3 Marian Charities, but also the Marian Community Center.

The goal is that this mission will become self-supporting and Suhr and her team will be able to expand the mission to serve the local community, by collecting items for donation to local charities and in the future be a space for community outreach.

The additional space at the new building will accommodate an administrative office, store front with moveable shelves to make space for chairs for events, a lending library with places to read, a prayer room, computer room and Marian Charities work space.

With the extra room, authors will come for book signings, Mom’s and Dad’s groups — as well as children’s groups — can gather, spiritual directors can meet with their directees and talks will be scheduled addressing issues and topics as indicated by the customers.

“Many people have left the Church; we want to bring them back,” Suhr said.

“We want to be a breath of fresh air here. Something different, more of a boutique style, geared to the needs of the community, to the needs of the Catholic community, to the needs of the Christian community.”

The Center is run by a few staff members and they are currently looking for volunteers, Suhr emphasized. Volunteers allow the Marian Center to fulfill its mission of service to its customers and the community. Those interested may contact the Marian Center for more information.

With this reopening, Suhr is looking forward to “satisfying the needs of all people that come to the door.”

“I like to help people to smile. Many people come in and a lot of people are carrying burdens … so this is a prayerful place to bring wholesomeness to a community and to help people feel loved,” Suhr said.

Marian Center

3712 N. 92nd St., Milwaukee


Owner: Kathy Suhr