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  1. Books present correlations between St. Francis and his papal namesake
  2. Anselm (April 21)
  3. Easter Sunday
  4. Having joy in the risen Christ
  5. Killings at Jewish community center mourned; Catholic woman among dead
  6. White House Easter breakfast tempers somber events with Christian hope
  7. Survey finds ongoing dissatisfaction with new Missal language
  8. Pope: During Holy Week, ask which Gospel character you resemble
  9. Oculus
  10. Humble arts
  11. Engagement equals evangelization
  12. Value of sacraments major element of annual youth rally
  13. Our Lady of Sorrows plans to enhance Hispanic ministry
  14. Our need for a little more mercy
  15. Pope: Take up God’s offer to face life’s problems with his love, wisdom
  16. Blessed Savina Petrilli (April 18)
  17. Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion
  18. When you serve God, others do not abandon hope
  19. Jesuit, who used YouTube to appeal for help for Homs, reportedly killed
  20. This week, hear the church’s greatest love story
  21. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  22. Daredevil: A Catholic in comics
  23. Lebanese students discover a smile is a two-way street
  24. Pope says married couples called to be icons of God’s love
  25. Streaming TV for pre-teens: Fraught with peril or promise?
  26. John Baptist de la Salle (April 7)
  27. Fifth Sunday of Lent
  28. Does modesty matter?
  29. Life does not end with death.
  30. Church audit: Abuse allegations down, spending on training up in 2013
  31. Jesus’ gift is everlasting life
  32. Thought-provoking books on an everyday topic
  33. Noah
  34. Movie execs find ‘big challenge’ in taking ‘fresh’ look at ‘Noah’ story
  35. Mudslide takes couple’s home, but they worry more about others’ losses
  36. Cesar Chavez
  37. Philippine cardinal praises both sides in peace deal for ‘wisdom’
  38. Sabotage
  39. Pizza passion
  40. ‘A healing place’ for veterans